Writing a character profile year 1800

Who are these people? What do they want?

Writing a character profile year 1800

I've always been a fighter. The few times when I have been at leisure, I've been miserable. I want challenges, I crave them. She was raised as a servant and assassin to Emperor Palpatine and became a high-level Force-using operative.

As an Emperor's Hand, Jade carried out the Emperor's bidding, killing Rebels and corrupt Imperials alike with cold professionalism, even as a young woman.

As Palpatine's assassinshe received top-notch training from experts in a variety of fields as well as training in the Force, which was continued by Luke Skywalker years later. After Palpatine's death, she received his last command, which was to kill Luke Skywalker ; however, the death of her Master caused her to go rogue.

Eventually she joined smuggler chief Talon Karrdebecoming one of his best smugglers and his second-in-command. During the predations of Grand Admiral Thrawnshe was forced to work with Skywalker, and developed a grudging respect for him.

During the Galactic Civil WarMara Jade proved herself skilled in a variety of fields; she was a good pilot and mechanic and trained in the use of both a blaster and hand-to-hand combat even without relying on the Force.

Over the years, she continued to work for Karrde and interact with Skywalker intermittently, training at his Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 for a short period of time.

writing a character profile year 1800

She was groomed by Karrde to take over the Smugglers' Alliance and had a brief relationship with Lando Calrissian as part of that role, although she later admitted it was a charade.

She also continued to grow closer to Skywalker and worked alongside him on numerous occasions, including the Almanian Uprising and the Corellian Crisis.

The two finally realized in 19 ABY while on a mission to Nirauan that they were in love, and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong Warshe fell ill due to deadly coomb spores that she'd been infected with by a Yuuzhan Vong agent.

She used the Force to slow their progress even as she continued to fight against the alien invaders on numerous battlefields including Dantooine and Ithorbut the disease was only purged from her system after the birth of her son Ben in 26 ABY.

During that timeshe participated in Jedi offensives against the Yuuzhan Vong, aiding in the war effort. Jade Skywalker ultimately saw her efforts against the Yuuzhan Vong rewarded in the war's final battle on Coruscant with the death of Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane.

In the following years, Jade Skywalker was active during the Dark Nest Crisis and the subsequent Swarm Warwherein she helped to thwart the expansionist plans of Raynar Thul and the insectoid Killiks who were spreading into Chiss space and subverting many other people into becoming Joiners under the influence of several Dark Jedi.

Jade Skywalker was insistent that the Jedi who had joined Killik communities would be withdrawn, as they were using their skills in combat against the Chiss, provoking them. She continued to serve by the side of her husband as a Jedi Master during the Second Galactic Civil Warfirst serving alongside the Galactic Alliance against the rebellious Confederation.

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The re-emergence of the Sith Lady Lumiya was another threat that Jade Skywalker had to confront, but though she and her husband skirmished with both Lumiya and the fallen Jedi Alema Rar on multiple occasions, the darksiders escaped.

As the war escalated, Jade Skywalker was killed by her nephew, Jacen Solowhom she had learned was a Sith and therefore saw as a threat to her family personally, to the Jedi Order, and to the galaxy at large. Now tell me who blabbed so I can go cut his head off.

The Emperor took Jade from her parents and brought her to the planet Coruscant at a very young age, where he began to train her in the Forcealthough officially she was one of the Imperial Palace's dancers.

Years later, Jade remembered little about her early life besides her parents ' reluctance to let her go and her own certainty that she was going to leave with the Emperor. She then retrieved a sack of equipment and descended down the side of the building to the room containing Tarkin's private safe.

While she was breaking in, a group of guards came in—actually droids —and she engaged them with her blaster and lightsaber. However, upon sensing that one of the guards was living, she knocked him out rather than kill a soldier willing to give his life in a training exercise. Vader and Sidious were pleased with her skills and she was pronounced the Emperor's Hand.One of the thirteen original United States of America, lies between 39° 43' and 42° 15' N.

latitude, and between the Delaware River on the east, and the eastern boundary of Ohio on the meridian 80° 36' W. longitude.

It is miles wide from north to south and about miles long from east to west, containing 45, square miles, of which are covered by water. The yunusemremert.com Character Chart for Fiction Writers character charts should inspire you to think about your character in new ways, rather than constrain your writing.

Fill in only as much info as you choose. Have fun getting to know your character! Looking for more character questionnaires / charts? Try these: yunusemremert.com Often when I’m doing character profiles, I end up writing long paragraphs, but maybe having fill in categories (hobbies, age, pet peeves, physical description, background info, etc.) and an open ended note space would make the process cleaner.

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Depending on the genre in which you write, you will create additional sections on the Character Profile Worksheet.

For example, fantasy writers can use the character profiles to keep track of factors such as magical abilities, family lineage, spells the character is under, and limitations on the character's power to ensure continuity in the action.

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