Satire essay on education

There is no such a student who has never been assigned to write a college satire essay when getting education. I am not an exception! Despite the fact that I have never had serious problems with academic writing before and I have a great sense of humor, I must admit that the satirical essay turned out not as easy as ABC. It wasn't much fun-I had to pull an all-nighter to choose a favorite topic on some social issues that would be interesting to most people in America; search for the relevant information everywhere, including media; find good examples, and finally write my work according to a certain structure.

Satire essay on education

Satire Essay on High School Education Updated on February 13, more Satire Essay on High School Education High School education is perfect in so many areas that in order to truly comprehend its greatness, one must understand each of the aspects that make it so fantastic.

From the grading system to teacher salary and student eagerness to learn, there are a wide range of qualities that make the high school education system the well-oiled-machine that it is.

As a society we demonstrate that we value good competent teachers as we are willing to pay them well for their work. Teachers are also very lucky as they have very little work that they have to take home or stay after school for. Some jobs occasionally require employees to take work home, or work a little afterwards for overtime pay.

But teachers almost never have to stay after school to help students with work or to make up tests. Another big benefit is the lunch break, when teachers can relax without being disturbed by students coming into their classrooms for help.

The Satire essay on education test or homework assignment that teachers have to grade is pretty much the only thing that they need to take home, and those are very rare.


In all of the classes I have been in or visited, every student is always focused intently on the teacher, absorbing all of the knowledge being taught with a passion that is truly astounding.

I constantly am challenging myself to find a student that does not give the teacher his or her undivided attention but to this day; I have yet to find even one student with his or her head down, texting, or even staring off into space.

Also, I am amazed at how dedicated the students are, as they come to school so that they can learn every day.

I have heard of many instances in which the parents attempt to convince their son or daughter to stay home from school so that the student can sleep in, but the student will insist on going because they have a test that day, or even just because their determination to learn is too strong to be held back.

The only classes that I sometimes am disappointed in are the honors classes. The regular classes, in which the students and teachers stick perfectly to the curriculum and consist entirely of the teacher imparting knowledge to the students, are flawless.

But the honors and advanced placement classes, especially social studies, have students raising their hand and giving their opinion or even discussing parts of the topic, not directly in the curriculum. Each time this happens I expect some punishment from the teachers; however they not only allow this unacceptable behavior but even encourage it.

But hopefully the correct approach that the other students and teachers are taking will rub off on and change the attitudes of the honors classes. The grading system in which letters are given to students depending on their score in the class is phenomenal.

Satire essay on education

Probably the best part is the way in which it trains students to remember material only as long as they have to, and then to release it from their brains after the test. This cycle of cramming knowledge right before the test and then forgetting it afterwards is by far the best way to learn, because the only thing that matters is their grade, not how much they still remember from the class.

Another one of my favorite parts of the grading system is extra credit, when a teacher offers free points for activities semi-related or unrelated to school. These activities include; bringing tissue boxes in and ensuring that their parents go to back-to-school night or open house night.

It can be tough actually learning the material and remembering a small portion of it for the final, so teacher also round grades up at the end of the semester. I hope I have demonstrated how flawless the high school education system is in this restrictively short essay.

The teachers are rewarded handsomely for their work with a well paying secure job but the students are the ones that bring it all together. With their passion for knowledge and ability to learn the required material and forget it completely, they deserve the most acknowledgement.What is Satire and Satirical Essay?

Merriam-Webster defines satire as a literary work that uses wit, irony, or sarcasm to expose and ridicule human vices or foolishness. Satire is most prevalent in literary works like books, poems, essays, songs, and even in films.

A satire essay is a work that is meant to poke fun at a particular subject. Some of the most common satirical essays are written about political candidates during an election. The author typically finds material that is interesting because of its level of irony.

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Essay title: Public Education as Satire in the Simpsons The Simpsons are one of the longest running and most popular television shows.

Discover what a satire essay is and what difficulties you will face when getting started. Find out how much time people usually spend writing satirical essays. Learn the tips on how to write the great satire work quickly and effectively. Have a look at a good satire essay example for . Satire Essay. Understanding Satire and How to Use It Juvenalian satire is often pessimistic and employs irony and sarcasm to instill a sense of moral outrage or feeling of injustice to get a point across. Political satire is one of the most common forms used on modern society. Education. Environment. Ethics. Government. Health. History. Public Education as Satire in the Simpsons. Topics: The Simpsons, This essay will review teaching science through play, theorists who support play and the way in which the Australian curriculum and EYLF support play pedagogy.

This popularity exists because "the Simpsons [have] always operated on two levels/5(1). Satirical Essay: Keep the Good Students in School, and Enslave the Bad Students; Satirical Essay: Keep the Good Students in School, and Enslave the Bad Students those who don’t care about their education are more likely to get involved with violence and gangs.

Some of these students are simply “un-teachable” and are a waste of time.

Satire essay on education
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