Richard branson charismatic leader

Born Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, he is known in the world over for his significant contributions in the economy and innovations. He was born on 18 July in Surrey, England. His father is Edward James Branson who was a barrister. His mother is Eve Branson who was a flight attendant.

Richard branson charismatic leader

Styles of Leadership 1. Participative or Democratic Participative leadership is a democratic leadership style that consists of involving others into decision making.

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Although this style was relatively controversial in the past, today it is considered to be one of the most effective styles in the business environment as it helps creating and maintaining healthy relationships between a leader and his followers.

Participative leaders are those who consult their team members before taking any decision, or take the decision first and consult their team members second to see if it is acceptable to them.


The team will be collectively responsible for the outcome. This style is useful when the leader knows that he needs to use the skills of his team in order to make better decisions. Participative leadership presents many benefits: Also, people who participate in making a decision have the opportunity to learn and develop their skill set.

However, this style of leadership is not effective in all situations and environments. For example, in a manufacturing company where a large percentage of the workforce is unskilled, it is hard to involve all workers in making business decisions.

It is a very time consuming affair as decision making takes much more time.

Richard branson charismatic leader

Moreover, this approach is subject to the fact that there are too many leaders: Everything is done or nothing. Ghosn always provided his employees challenges to perform better and made them believe that he trusted them.

He believed in empowering his employees to take decisions. The laissez-faire leader is usually an open person available to the team for consultation and feedback. For being such a delegative leadership style, the laissez-faire is more effective in teams composed by highly skilled, experienced, educated, motivated and independent workers.

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Employees that function well under a laissez-faire leadership are trustworthy, responsible and self-driven, and take pride from their work But be careful.

The laissez-faire leadership applied to the wrong team can lead to lack of focus, insecurity, and low motivation. For that reason, it is considered the leadership style related to the lowest productivity, and is often seen with prejudice in the business world. Here is some small video that illustrates his way of thinking.

Autocratic Autocratic Leadership can be defined as the Leadership characterized by Individual control over all decisions by the leader and little input from group members. The Leader make choices based on their own ideas and judgment and rarely takes the advice from followers or group members.

Benefits of Autocratic Leadership: The autocratic leadership style is best used in situations where control is necessary, where there is little margin for error. It has been known to be very paternalistic, and in highly-professional, independent minded teams, it can lead to resentment and strained morale.

In situations that are particularly stressful, such as during military conflicts, group members may actually prefer an autocratic style. It allows members of the group to focus on performing specific tasks without worrying about making complex decisions.

This also allows group members to become highly skilled at performing certain duties, which can be beneficial to the group. Best examples are Military, sports and construction. Alex Ferguson the Coach of Manchester United follows the autocratic leadership leading his team to victory in many matches.

Downsides of Autocratic Leadership: While autocratic leadership can be beneficial at times, there are also many instances where this leadership style can be problematic. People who abuse an autocratic leadership style are often viewed as bossy, controlling and dictatorial, which can lead to resentment among group members.Richard Branson plays as a charismatic leader.

Richard branson charismatic leader

He always understands its employees and communicates with them effortlessly by maintaining their motivation level and encouraging them with positive feedbacks.

He sets the self-confidence and self-esteem of every individual at a different level. For him, communication is the main factor in the. Richard Branson is charismatic. So very charismatic? What is the secret of his charisma?

Richard Branson – the “experience maker” Is it because he is a billionaire? There are too many of them. Other fields had charismatic leaders, too, such as Vince Lombardi (sports), Carl Sagan (science), and Wernher von Braun (architect/engineer).

Examples of charismatic leaders today. The modern world is full of charismatic leaders. In business, we have Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

To be specific, additional frameworks which include bureaucratic leadership, charismatic leadership, servant leadership, transactional leadership, transformat Free Essays; Essay writing help. The following is an analysis of the leadership style of Richard Branson, the founder of one of the most successful businesses over the last few.

Sir Richard Branson, the founder and chairman of Virgin Group, is an exemplary leader, and truly embodies the Total Leadership spirit taught in this course. A serial entrepreneur, multi-billionaire, humanitarian, author, actor environmentalist – the list could go on – Branson has achieved a great deal in his 60 plus years on this earth.

Sir Richard Branson is one of the worlds most intriguing, succesful and enduring entrepreneurial business leaders out the founder of the Virgin Group, he has established a very interesting background and approach to both leadership and where he chooses to put his resources to work.

Richard Branson: Decoding his charisma