Journey s end and the accrington pals

You can help by adding to it. June Until around visitors considered Accrington to be just a "considerable village". Further industrialisation then followed in the late eighteenth century and local landowners began building mansions in the area on the outskirts of the settlement where their mills were located while their employees lived in overcrowded unsanitary conditions in the centre.

Journey s end and the accrington pals

Behind them is a group from the 2nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders of the 4th Division. A coy, led by Capt A. The battalion stands to for five hours until zero hour at 7.

Journey s end and the accrington pals

Six officers are killed, thirteen wounded and over other ranks are killed. For the Pioneers, 16th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles it was a return to defensive work reinforcing existing wiring and trenches together with the construction of several lines of additional assembly trenches.

Whilst putting the finishing touches to the broad gauge railway, from early April small sections under the command of one officer were attached weekly to the 14th Royal Irish Rifles, 10th Royal Irish Fusiliers and the 9th Enniskillen Fusiliers giving them experience of life and working conditions at the Front Line.

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Prior to the attack on the 1st July, the 16th were responsible for constructing new assembly trenches, fixing damaged wiring, deepening certain trenches and building bomb-proof dugouts along the whole front line of the 36th Ulster Division. They also repaired and maintained an existing trench tramway and built a new tramway.

These tramways operated using trolleys which needed about 6 men to push when fully loaded with ammunition, food or defence building equipment. Return journeys carried waste materials and also any casualties for treatment in rear area medical centres.

The Battalion was billeted in defensive positions in Aveluy Wood, which was only about yards from the front line and well within enemy artillery range. Indeed the battalion settled down for the first night on arrival, only to suffer an enemy bombardment around so slit trenches had to be dug hurriedly for their own protection.

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Royal Irish Rifles was in active support positions to move supplies forward, cut new connecting forward trenches to the German front line trenches and generally help the advancing troops.

In some areas this was successful, but lack of committed fresh troops limited success whilst in other areas enemy troops were still in possession of targets and the men had to hold defensive positions against enemy counter attacks.

The Ulster Division, having suffered about 5, casualties including killed and wounded, were withdrawn at that evening, but the 16th Pioneers had to work on supporting the replacement division until their eventual withdrawal on the 8th July Prior to this month the war diaries had not reported monthly casualties but were now going to have to do so for many months to come.

Casualties at the point of relief from the Somme sector were: Among the men 22 were killed and wounded of which over were invalided. At the close of the first 9 months since arrival in France, the Battalion had fully earned their distinctive emblem of the crossed rifle and pickaxe.Multi award winning documentaries from Ireland.

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Sutton Arts Theatre, Sutton Coldfield Musical . C Sean Caffrey. Born Belfast 1st April Died Belfast 25th April Largely unsung and seasoned actor, who at one time was a potential leading man and whose efficacy was given an early test in writer Patrick Galvin’s televised play ‘Boy in the Smoke’ , in which he starred as Paddy, a newly arrived Irish immigrant in London.

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Journey s end and the accrington pals
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