Hello kitty case study

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Hello kitty case study

Between Hello Kitty and the Holocaust: Locating the Intersections between Cuteness and Trauma through Autoethnographic Methodology This thesis functions to outline the various questions within my artistic practice.

Deeply connected to my upbringing and familial ties, I navigate the interwoven themes embedded in my artwork and personal history.

Growing up in Los I therefore describe my autobiographical relationship to Judaism and the nuclear family, while dually questioning the symbolic functions of television and pop cultural symbology within my visual arts practice. Television is used as a symbol for escapism, this is butted up against a complex understanding of a religious culture weighted with the traumatic history of the Holocaust.

Hello Kitty is introduced within my work as an additional trope of escapism and commodity culture. I further define that Hello Kitty, a Japanese creation and cultural icon, emerged as a capitalist symbol of comfort, cuteness, and security in a nation that was still bleeding the wounds of World War II.

Hello Kitty and other famous Japanese figures served a semi-pacification of the traumas never dealt with in Japan, and became a global phenomenon whose origins of pacification became generally unacknowledged, which furthered its purpose to delusional fans of the cute kitty.

Ultimately, this thesis acts as an invitation to contemplate the present political moment.

Hello kitty case study

Unfortunately, the world is not very different from the one my Grandfather describes in his testimonial. Hopefully, the reader will be for affected to engage in a further search for truth and peace in a world where so many are desperately trying to destroy the foundations of life, liberty and freedom.Aug 04,  · Going back-to-school will be more fun and interesting with Hello Kitty PING ball game pencil case and Barbie magic book stationery, and colouring pencils, crayons, book.

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Hello Kitty case study Essay; Hello Kitty case study Essay. Words Oct 22nd, 4 Pages. Introduction Hello kitty is a cartoon character of a small white cat that looks kind, sweet and cute, with a button nose, two black dot-eyes, six whiskers and a ribbon in her hair. Hello kitty has no mouth and this represents a major source of.

Hello Kitty packages cuteness as an aesthetic, a set of morals, and a prescription for action (or passive inaction). The book on Hello Kitty has been published as Pink Globalization; Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific, by Duke University Press in Say hello to serious beauty storage. This adorable Hello Kitty case will keep even the most fragile of makeup and essentials safely stowed away.

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