Cpm math homework help

Personal narratives allow you, the writer, to share your life with others, vicariously experiencing the things you describe.

Cpm math homework help

Game Reviews About Me Hi there! My name is Sarah Carter. I used to be Sarah Hagan, but I met an amazing guy who also happens to be a math teacher who blogs through this blog and married him in March You can read more about our math love story here.

A crazy awesome coincidence. I'm a 4th year high school math teacher. And, if you asked my students, they would tell you that I am weird.

Seriously, somewhere in the world of facebook, there is a photo of me floating around that has the caption "This is my weird teacher.

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Even more than that, I love teaching math. Algebra is my specialty. I take students who hate math and show them how much fun it can be. And, in case you were wondering, it's infinitely fun! Since I don't teach geometry, there is a one-year gap where I don't get to teach my students between Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

It makes my day when geometry students stop by my classroom to make sure that I'm still going to be teaching Algebra 2 the next year. Words I love to hear: I am a difference maker.

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Professional Homework Help for International Students! Game Reviews Free Classroom Posters I've created this special page on my blog to house all of the posters I have created for my classroom over the past few years. I have made them free for you to download and use in your own classroom as a way to say thank you to the thousands of people I've stolen teaching ideas from on the internet.

And, then as a result of this media coverage, the town I live in presented me with a key to the city and proclaimed it Sarah Hagan Day. The most important fact about me that I probably should have written about first is that I am a sinner who is saved by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, and my King.

I am nothing without Christ, and I hope and pray that I bring glory to God daily through my teaching and through this blog.

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I'm a proud graduate of The University of Tulsa. Because being affiliated with one natural disaster related mascot wasn't enough, I took a job in the tiny, oil field town of Drumright, Oklahoma. It's a town of roughly 3, people.

Having been devastated twice by a tornado, the school adopted the tornado as its mascot. Or, maybe they adopted it before then?

I've still got a lot to learn. Since moving here, the town did away with its only stoplight.

Cpm math homework help

But, this small town is growing on me. In fact, I think this tiny town and its amazing people may have stolen my heart. I'm so proud to be a Drumright Tornado!

Living and teaching in a small town also means working in a small school!

Math = Love: Free Classroom Posters

We serve roughly students in the 9thth grade. We have two teachers for each core subject math, English, science, and history and one teacher for each elective computers, agriculture, family and consumer sciences.

Add in one principal, one counselor, one special ed teacher, one secretary, one library aide, one custodian, and two cafeteria ladies, and you have the entire school!

Though there are definite downsides to working in such a small school, I love that I am able to get to know ALL of the teachers and almost ALL of the students. And, the class sizes are amazing! Last year, my biggest class has 22 in it.

Of course, we also have small classrooms to go along with those small class sizes. But, what should you expect when your school building was built in ?!?College preparatory mathematics (CPM) homework help. College Preparatory Mathematics, better known as CPM, is a discipline which teaches students to do mathematics, rather than simply having them watch a teacher talk about it.

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