Bteac national it unit 2 information

P3- Explain the issues related to the use of information P3- Explain the issues related to the use of information Legal Issues Data Protection Act The data protection act applies to virtually all businesses. This act covers how personal information is used by different organisations which can be a private business or the government. The kind of information this covers can be names, addresses, photographs, card details and phone numbers. As a business your company Matlin insurance would be handling and storing a lot of personal information such as names, contact information, employment history, cars, addresses etc.

Bteac national it unit 2 information

P1 - Explain how organisations use information How Information is Used in the Company Quantitative Quantitative information is information which can be measured directly and is considered more factual than qualitative. The information collected is typically numerical and can be used to draw graphs etc.

This type of information was used a lot in the project, especially by the marketing team and business team. For example, the marketing team carried out a series of surveys asking the students, teacher and other possible users what they wanted from the classroom etc. The information was used to improve the design and to develop a marketing plan so that the classroom appeals to potential users.

Qualitative Qualitative information is information which is opinionated and non-numeric. This type of information was used by all the teams. The design team used qualitative information to create and develop their ideas for the classroom.

Teams like the virtual security team used qualitative information as a resource when producing their password generator and fixing issues with the server.

The marketing team were one of the only teams to use information from a primary source. Secondary Secondary information comes from a source outside of the company e. The use of secondary information is more common but can be a risk to the company as it is more error prone.

Operational Support Code uses some of its information to provide operational support which makes the project versatile. This information allows people like the program manager in the team to monitor and control how the project progresses and make any changes in the direction of the project.

An example of where information was used for purpose of operational support would be when the project manager had to ask the design and install team to change their ideas to incorporate new requirements from Cisco. Analysis Information that the company uses must be analysed before it is used.

For instance, the physical security and design and install teams had to analyse the requirements given to them by Cisco in order to develop a suitable response.

Bteac national it unit 2 information

Decision Making Decision making can be strongly influenced by the information that the company has. There are three types of decision that happen in the company: An operational decision is made by the program manager and is a day-to-day decision.

The program manager had to make several day-to-day decisions such as changing the project manager of the marketing team to someone who knows more about business etc. Similarly, tactical decisions involve the project managers.

Strategic decisions affect the project on a wider scale so they must be well thought out as it will impact the long term strategy of the project. A strategic decision that was made in the project would be the choice of design as that would affect the outcome of the project.

Gaining Advantage Information can be used by the company to gain an advantage over its competitors. By having the right information and using it correctly, Code gained an advantage over the rival companies.

Unit number and title BTEC Nationals Level 3 Subsidiary IT Unit 2: Computer systems Learner name Assessor name Mr N Wright Date issued Hand in deadline 6th October Documents Similar To Unit 2 Assignment Brief - 2. The Shift Toward Online Education Dyk Man. Uploaded by. EvaMolinaRuiz. 2hassessment1. Uploaded by. BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in IT Exam Board: Edexcel Course Contact: Mr Chris Jess Unit 2: Computer Systems Unit 3: Information Systems Unit 4: Impact of the Use of IT on Business Systems Students should have studied ICT or Computing at GCSE or BTEC level and received a minimum grade C or equivalent. Technical Route BTEC. Unit 2 Business resources Task 3 (M2) Introduction In this report, I will be assessing the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in Thorpe Park.

A good example of this was in the virtual security team. When configuring the server, there was a PowerPoint presentation showing how far along each team was and the sub-team used this to gain an advantage over the other companies.

The team also knew what operating systems the other companies were using, thus the team were able to create a strategic plan to beat the other groups.Unit 2 – Creating systems to manage information You will examine a given scenario and develop an effective design solution to produce a database system.

You will test your solution to ensure that it works correctly and evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution. A Level ICT encourages learners to become discerning users of ICT.

It Sawtry Village Academy offers A Level ICT (OCR) and BTEC Nationals Level 3 (EDEXCEL) at AS and A2 Level, with the following differences: Unit 2 - Creating Systems to manage information (AS).

BTEC IT Full Unit 2 Course Creating Systems to Manage Information Level 3 $ (0) adakelmarbri Hangman for Python $ (0) Cambridge Nationals in ICT Level 1/2.

FREE (0) Close. Jobs Jobs home UK International Australia Primary / Elementary Secondary / High . The BTEC National Award is a qualification which can extend a learner’s programme of study.

It is broadly equivalent to one GCE A level.

Bteac national it unit 2 information

The course is designed to give you practical experience in using common software and hardware in providing solutions to simulated real world situations.

BTEC IT Unit 2 - Computer Systems Monday, 18 March This stands for central processing unit. It is a chip which contains many millions of tiny transistors. It is also useful to do this if you are on a public computer as you can remove all information related to you from the system.

This can be especially important if the. Guide to the new BTEC Nationals in Computing From , you will start to receive applications from students who have taken the new BTEC Nationals courses.

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